Therapy & Cure

Our therapy and vitality area is very spacious and spread out over three houses. It features wonderful views over Lake Constance. You can place your trust in the treatment and care of our experienced team of therapists under the medical direction of Dr. Gregor Dietze.

About us

Our small (38 beds) and comfortable house looks back upon a long tradition of excellence.

Our hotel is known worldwide for over 60 years of experience and personal care of guests as well as a familiar and friendly atmosphere.

Live & feel well

Your accomodations - our private and tastefully decorated comfortable rooms, suits and vacation apartments are spread out over three houses and are surrounded by landscaped gardens. Here you will find the dining rooms, the reception and the office as well as most treatment facilities.

Health & Beauty

The skin is an expression of our unique beauty.The skin's true anti-aging factors are the circulation and flexibility, a healthy digestion and the abundant supply of oxygen through exercise. Our skin is also a big receptive organ, which absorbs many substances into our bodies.